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Hey Baby!




Space Dandy Stamp v.3 by aFiendSpace Dandy Stamp by aFiend
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"You listen!
Life comes at you fast- Just like a raging current. I don’t fight it. Going against the flow just means you’re swimming in place. One day you are too tired to paddle and suddenly you drown. The whole thing was pointless and now you’re dead! The End.

Now going with the flow is where it’s at. And that is the Dandy way to live."



$100+ Commission Packages! (updated)

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 4:05 PM
A Dandy Artist

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UPDATE October 6th

Right now I am working on a commission package for singory and theirs is actually pretty special.  They requested that all their commissions be the flat colored option.

This gave me an idea.

I have a package option that is still $100, but you get 10 flat colored pictures instead of the variety pack.

Just a nice little idea thanks to singory.  Thanks man!!

I replaced the $400 option with this option.  I am sure no one will mind.

Hey guys,

So I thought I would go ahead and post this now and talk about it.  It is something that has been in the talks for a while now offline and I feel like now I should talk about it.

My dad and his fiance are planning to move out of this house and give it to me.  The exact date is unclear, but it will happen in a matter of months.  Currently I am still unemployed (I did an interview last week with no feedback yet) and I need to start working on my savings for when this happens.

Originally, I wanted to do this for something I wanted to buy.  Thank you Madam-Balthamos for the Commission Package idea...

Then literally twenty minutes later-- my dad dropped that bombshell on me.  Stressing the importance of getting a job, because it isn't only the house I will have to pay for...  I will have to start paying for my own insurance soon too.

I stress the importance of these packages.  Compared to what other people charge... these are very cheap.

$100 Commission Packages

  • 3 Fully Shaded Pictures
  • 3 Flat Colored Pictures
  • 4 Sketches

$150 Commission Packages

  • 1 Digitally Painted Picture (background included)
  • 2 Full Colored Pictures
  • 3 Flat Colored Pictures
  • 4 Sketches

$250 Commission Packages

  • 1 Digitally Painted Picture (background included)
  • 2 Full Colored Pictures
  • 2 Cell Shaded Pictures
  • 3 Flat Colored Pictures
  • 5 Sketches


$100 Commission Packages

  • 10 Flat colored Pictures

Wanting any sort of background on any picture is +$25 to the package deal
So say that you wanted a fully shaded picture to have a background, that would be an additional $25 right off the bat.  If you wanted all your fully shaded pictures to have a background, you still only have to pay that additional $25. 

What is business like with me?
I am an illustrator that takes her job VERY seriously.  I want to make sure you get what you want.  I will sit there and talk you through each part of your order to make sure that what I produce is what you wanted.  I have a passion for drawing and a passion for making pictures for people of their characters. My goal is make you satisfied with your commission.

I have a skype where we can discuss your commission orders and I can also discuss them through notes on this site.

What are you comfortable with drawing?
I have been working all summer on my art and anatomy.  I feel comfortable drawing humans, anthros/furries, sonic styled characters and simple robots.  If you show me a character, then I will tell you if I can draw them or not.

Will you go off of written references?
I will only go off written references for the $400 Commission Package Deal.  I have to have visual references of the characters for these commissions.  Now if you don't have a reference sheet and just multiple pictures-- that is fine! I can mix-match them to give you the result you want.  I just have to have an actual visual reference.

Will you draw characters from shows or video games?


Will I stream your commission?
The likeliness of this happening isn't very high UNLESS you request me to do so.  If I do stream-- it has to be at 12am to 5am CST because of my internet provider.  If I could, I would stream the commissions all day. But I can't.  I am so sorry about that.

Do I pay you before or after?
I will do all your sketches for you before you pay me.  Once we discuss the sketches of all the pictures, then I will ask you to pay me all of it upfront. 

What if I want a refund?

There will be no need for a refund because I will work with you the entire time as I work on these.

Will you draw any form of NSFW?

The only form of NSFW I will draw is female breasts.  That's it.  If you want this done, it will be an additional $50 to your package because you will get two versions of the commission.  I will do a swimsuit version (or lingerie version) and then the NSFW version.  This only applies to the fully shaded, cell shaded, and flat shaded picture selection.  Sketches will be SFW and the Digital paintings will be SFW only.

What about fetishes?

Define Fetish.  If you mean slime, vacbeds or feet/paws: sure.  I'll draw them.  If you ask for something other than that that makes me uncomfortable, then I will have to tell you no.

How do I pay you?
I have a PayPal account.  Send me money that way.  It is the easiest way to do this.

What about Points Commission?
Get. Out.  I'm not trying to get a premium membership or whatever people buy with those.  I have to pay for a house and insurance soon.   I'm not even going to attempt to do the converting thing. Just. No. No points commissions.

Will you still be doing the $20 Fully Shaded Commissions while you have this offer going on?
Yes I will.  I will also do little $5 sketch commission offers over on Twitter if you follow me there. My twitter is @scitty_kitty.  Feel free to follow.  WARNING: I do talk about Space Dandy a lot and be cute with kammy-baby on there so look out.

:new: Can I pay gradually pay you? Like $25 once a week?
Yes you can!  As long as you can pay the full amount in the end, that is fine.  I will not send you all the files until it is fully paid though.  I will only show you works in progress shots while I work on your pictures.

Thank you for reading and if you can: please promote this.  I don't like to beg, but I do need help with getting this out there.  I have over 1,000 watchers on here and +100 followers on different sites.  Even if only other person promotes this-- it will mean the world to me.  So please share this on twitter if you can or in a journal.



1. $100 Variety Package for LordRisonCross 

2. $100 Flat Color Package for singory 

3. $100 Flat Color Package for Zohaku 

4. $100 Flat Color Package for AlphaZeron 

5. -open-


Fully Shaded Picture Examples

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Flat Color Picture Examples

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Cell Shaded Picture Examples

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Background Examples

We're in a Band by ScittyKittyHow about a Little Dance? by ScittyKittyIsabelle by ScittyKittyA Walk through the Park by ScittyKittyAdventure Time by ScittyKitty
Shrugging by ScittyKitty

Sketch Examples

Digitally Painted Picture Example

We are the Crystal Gems by ScittyKittyCLAWS by ScittyKitty

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Love you guys.


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